Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

Our team of seasoned experts will provide turnkey solutions from planning, permitting, installation, service, and training. The team assembled at SCIpact offers a unique set of skills and experiences within the EV market. SCIpact’s leadership has helped guide and develop several programs and installations within the federal government. SCIpact’s VP of Federal Development, Daniel Bakke has installed EV charging stations with the NAVY, DECA, ARMY, USAF, USMC, GSA, VA, & USPS. Over the last 5 years Daniel has provided guidance to the federal government on developments, changes, and planning guidelines for the federal government through industry day events, conferences, and one on one consulting arrangements. In addition to the skills of the SCIpact team, we have partnered with two industry leading electrification companies In-Charge and Apadana. As a team under the guidance of SCIpact we can help accelerate the electrification transition for the federal government.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Our developers, engineers, and project managers have decades of experience successfully developing, pricing, managing, commissioning, and closing out complex multi-stakeholder, multi-location, multi-year projects. We can provide solutions for a small remote rural facility or an entire campus in an urban location. Our leadership team has developed and implemented more than 100 successful energy projects in the last two decades, the majority of which were Guaranteed Energy Savings Projects (ESPC, UESC, ENABLE). We can also jump in to repair ailing projects that are either underperforming with respect to energy and water savings, or just no longer meeting the mission of the facility.

Professional Services & Training

Our team has experience auditing more than 500 facilities and 2 million sf of government facilities worldwide including hospitals, offices, labs, power plants, retail stores, warehouses, and industrial buildings. We know how to identify, gather, and record the required information for maximum effectiveness and minimal occupant disturbance. We collect the data so informed efficiency and sustainability decisions can be made.

Our professionals can perform audits from ASHRAE Level 1 to 3. We have performed hundreds of Level 1 audits around the world and over a hundred Level 3 audits resulting in guaranteed energy savings projects from $250K to over $32 million. We also provide Power Studies, IR Thermography, Energy & Water Efficiency & Sustainability program development and tracking.

Our team along with a number of industry Subject Matter Expert partners provide monthly on-site and remote training for energy efficiency solutions, new and emerging technologies, Electric Vehicle Charging Stations equipment and solutions, and more. We also provide PMP and other certification preparatory training courses. Many of our training events also earn Continuing Education credits.

We also provide energy efficiency, new technology, and EVCS training for federal government, utility, and commercial clients nationwide.