SCIpact has active contracts with the VA, DOE, Army, Iowa State, and more than a dozen large and small commercial clients.

Our most recent contract with the Department of Energy provides Electric Vehicle infrastructure upgrades, ongoing maintenance, station testing, and monitoring for 19 different brands and types of electric vehicle charging stations. Our contract covers updates to the site’s infrastructure based on the charger’s electrical needs, repairs from ongoing use, parts replacement due from exposure to the elements, output testing and verification of loads, and lastly replacement of existing chargers when necessary and supplying and installing new chargers as their demand grows

Argonne National Laboratory EVCS Annual Service Contract
June 6, 2021
SCIpact was awarded an annual service contract to provide testing, preventive maintenance, repair, and replacement services for their large inventory of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS). The currently have more than 14 different brands of chargers that we maintain during quarterly visits.